onsdag 20 augusti 2008

Greetings from the "dopingchefen"

First I need to apologize for writing in English... the official reason is that my French keyboard is missing some key letters and it would all just look weird...the real reason being that my written Swedish is a bit rusty at the moment :-)

Now, when I've given you enough excuses I guess we can get into the topic.... I don't know if any of you read the City last Thursday but I have to say that I was bit surprised (maybe a tiny bit shocked as well) when I saw the headline:

Dopingchefen: "Stang av fuskarna pa livstid"

Hmmmm.... they really made it sound like I was this big boss sitting at my mahogany desk, smoking a cuban cigare, and telling my employees to catch all cheaters. The reality is quite different. Here I am, little Jasmina, sitting in tiny my Monaco office, and together with my few colleagues, trying to preserve what is left of the true nature of sports and prevent it from becoming a venue of "drug racing"." This work is not easy and no, you don't get a bonus for every positive test. My daily life is balancing between catching athletes who are cheating, showing my respect to athletes who are clean and dealing with the heavy political and media pressure from outside. I'm used to being the "bad guy" but I still want to think that the work we do here is meaningful and that there are athletes and coaches who think we are the "good guys." There are days when I feel extremely frustrated for not having the tools and resources (or the intelligence) to just wipe this problem off the world map. And I do feel for athletes having to report their doings to us on a daily basis and us having to go home to the athletes on a Sunday morning. To me this job is about trying to give the venue and respect to all our athletes training and competing clean. I think this is where RENIDROTT plays a big role.

What comes to the title.... I know that it sounds harsh to say that "fuskarna borde stangas av pa livstid" and I'm sure there are people who think that I should not have a public opinion... but personally....I stand for every word!

You can find the article here:

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Anonym sa...

jag håller med "dopingchefen" att fuskare bör straffas men frågan är på vilken nivå vi kan lägga oss. I samhället avtjänar vi våra straff och förväntas sen att återgå till det vanliga. Vad förväntar vi oss att idrottarna ska göra?