tisdag 13 januari 2009

Doping i Sport Headlines!

Track star Iljo Keisse has been sacked by his Topsport Vlaanderen team after returning a positive dope test at the Ghent Six in November, which he won with team-mate Robert Bartko. Keisse tested positive for a stimulant, cathine, and also for a diuretic substance that can be used to mask other doping products. The sample was taken during the final evening of racing at the Ghent Six track event in Belgium on November 23.
Second Italian woman cyclist tests positive for doping
Italian track cyclist Annalisa Cucinotta tested positive for an anabolic steroid in December, the Gazzetta dello Sport said on Sunday. According to the sports newspaper, the 22-year-old failed the test after a World Cup event in Cali, Colombia on December 12.Cucinotta becomes the second Italian woman cyclist after ex-road world champion Marta Bastianelli to test for a stimulant.Bastianelli missed the Olympic Games in Beijing in August due to her offence.
Voters Cannot Forgive or Forget Suspicions of McGwire’s Drug Use
The public shunning of Mark McGwire continues.On a day when Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice were voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Monday, maybe it sounds vindictive to dwell upon the rejection of McGwire for the third consecutive year, but he brought it on himself. The country is taking a look at who played us for suckers, and the scrutiny might as well include athletes.McGwire was turned down again although he is eighth all-time with 583 home runs. Normally, that would be enough to get anybody elected to the Hall, but times have not been normal since players’ shoulders began merging with their enlarged craniums back in the mid-‘90’s.
Grand Jury Convened in Clemens Case
Federal prosecutors have taken the next step in their perjury investigation of Roger Clemens and have convened a grand jury in Washington, according to people briefed on the matter. Kirk Radomski, the convicted steroid dealer who supplied Clemens’ s personal trainer Brian McNamee with performance-enhancing drugs, is among those who have been subpoenaed. The disclosure of the grand jury marks a new stage in the investigation of Clemens, who has been under investigation by the Department of Justice for the past 11 months after he testified before Congress that he had never used performance-enhancing drugs.
High School Doping Test Programs Finding Few Violators
Prompted by alarming statistics and a national scandal, testing programs in three states show that steroid use does not seem to be widespread among teens.Statewide Testing Yields Few Positive Results in Texas. By the end of the current school year, up to50,000 high school athletes in Texas will have been tested for steroid use. So far, four positive results have been found, and another 22 students broke testing rules—they had an unexcused absence on testing day, refused to provide a urine sample or “left the testing area without approval,” the Associated Press reported.
Doping Deficit Disorder, Need performance-enhancing drugs? Claim ADHD.
Would you like to take performance-enhancing drugs to boost your pro sports career? Are the drugs banned as a form of cheating? No problem. Just find a doctor willing to certify that you have a "deficit" of the performance factor in question.
That's what seems to be happening in Major League Baseball.
Support for new drug code
THE AFL Players Association has welcomed a new drugs code that requires players to nominate a daily time when they can be tested, although athletes from international sports are less enthusiastic.The new World Anti-Doping Authority code came into effect on January 1, and stipulates athletes must provide information on their daily whereabouts and nominate an hour when they are available.AFLPA boss Brendon Gale said it was consistent with football's hard line on drugs. "The AFL has a very strong record of compliance. Its anti-doping code and its measures are cutting edge and they are very serious about ensuring that players are playing at a level playing field.
German 800M Runner Herms Found Dead
Rena Herms, one of Germany's most decorated 800m runners, was found dead Saturday at his home, according to a report posted at the German athletics federation website, Leichtathletik.de. He was 26 years old, and the cause of his death was not immediately known.

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