onsdag 10 juni 2009

Colom suspended for EPO positive

Team Katusha's Antonio Colom has been provisionally suspended by the UCI following a positive test for recombinant EPO. The sport's governing body announced Tuesday that Colom returned the positive test following an out-of-competition control on April 2, 209. He was targeted for additional controls using information from his blood profile and his race schedule, the UCI said.
Team director Serge Parsani was surprised at the news. "This is the first I heard of this. If it is on the UCI's website at least they could inform the team," he told Cyclingnews.
Colom is the second rider from the team to test positive. Austrian Christian Pfannberger wasdeclared positive on May 6 this year. The UCI later confirmed that he was found positive for EPO.
Colom is allowed to request the counter-analysis of his B-sample, and his suspension will remain provisional until the Spanish Cycling Federation decides whether he has violated the anti-doping rules.

Cycling News Flash, June 9, 2009
Edited by Laura Weislo

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