torsdag 4 juni 2009

... Men visste du att RI's ambassadörer testas mest i världen?

... Det handlar nämligen inte bara om ett ställningstagande. Dopingtesterna är en utmärkt garant för tävlingsarrangörer, managers och sponsorer. Vi på Ren Idrott hyllar fler internationella initiativ för en dopingfri sport! Kolla nedan...

AUGUSTA, GA - Every time she lines up in the starting blocks, you can see a white rubber wristband around Dee Dee Trotter’s right wrist bearing the words, “Test Me, I’m Clean!” in bold black letters.
The wristband represents a message that many of today’s athletes claim to support, but few actually do anything to promote.
The Olympic track and field gold medalist’s non-profit organization, “Test Me, I’m Clean” works to steer young athletes away from steroid use. Trotter and other members of the organization speak to athletes of all ages across the country about the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) and the benefits of natural performance enhancement. The organization promotes three principles: hard work, honesty and honor.
On Saturday, June 13, Trotter will bring her message to Lucy Laney stadium for the AAU Track and Field District Meet. She will sign autographs and talk to the young athletes participating in the meet from 8 a.m. until noon.
Trotter’s public campaign to keep young athletes from using PEDs is unprecedented. Many athletes are quick to dissociate themselves with steroids, but very few have even thought about keeping other athletes away from them. Trotter put together “Test Me, I’m Clean” in 2006 with $10,000 of her own money. She gives out wristbands and T-shirts to support her cause.
All of this seems even more remarkable when you think about the fact that she probably doesn’t make one-tenth of the amount of money that big time sports stars like Terrell Owens or Alex Rodriguez make.
A lot of today’s superstar athletes will only do enough community service to ensure that they have a good public image, or simply throw a wad of money at a charity in an effort to do as little work as possible. Trotter has single-handedly backed a cause that desperately needed attention from somewhere other than commissioners and court hearings.
For more information on “Test Me, I’m Clean,” visit the Web site at The AAU Track and Field District Meet will be held from June 11-1


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