onsdag 29 juli 2009

Wiggins: No doping here; tests to prove it

LONDON (Reuters) -- Britain's Bradley Wiggins said he would publish his blood tests from the last two years to dispel any doubts about the legitimacy of his surprise fourth-place finish at the Tour de France.
The 29-year-old triple Olympic track pursuit champion was praised by French media for his performance, which equalled the best by a Briton in the race, but suspicions regarding drug use remain high in the sport.
"I came from nowhere on the Tour and everyone knows where it's been with blood doping," Wiggins was quoted as saying by London's Evening Standard newspaper.
"I don't want there to be any suspicion or doubt that what I did was natural. I have nothing to hide and I want this transparency."
Wiggins was considered something of a time-trial specialist in the Tour but his tenacious performances in the mountain stages -- when he vied with seven-time winner Lance Armstrong for a place on the podium -- surpassed expectation.
"We had a test on Saturday that should be back soon and I expect everything to go online within the next few days," he said.
"Once the last set of bloods are in they'll release the whole thing for the last couple of years.
"British Cycling have all my blood tests results from the age of 19 and I might even release everything from the last 10 years."
Wiggins said road racing would be his priority over the coming seasons with his ultimate goal being Olympic track gold in London and Tour de France success in 2012.
"There will be no track for the next two years, it will just be full on for the Tour," Wiggins said.
"In 2012 I'll try and do both: I'd like to win Olympic gold and then win the Tour in the same year. I believe it's possible and can be done," he added.
"It's the biggest bike race in the world (the Tour) and finishing fourth has opened up a whole new set of doors for me. What a challenge winning it is: I want a go at it."

Wed Jul 29, 2009 By Reuters

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