onsdag 10 september 2008

Doping strikes at the Paralympics Games:

In the first drugs scandal of the Paralympic Games, a Pakistani powerlifter has been kicked out and given a two-year ban for steroid use.
The International Paralympic Committee says Naveed Ahmed Butt, 37, tested positive for a steroid on September 4, two days before the opening ceremony.
Butt had been due to take part in the men's 100kg event next week.

The president of the IPC, Philip Craven, said at the weekend that he was hoping for a "totally clean" event following hard work by authorities to stamp out doping through extensive testing and education.
IPC medical and scientific director Peter Van de Vliet told reporters that despite the disappointment of a positive test, the incident highlighted the committee's efforts to run a fair Games.

So far a total of 297 tests have been carried out at the Games, both in and out of competition. At the Athens Games in 2004, 680 doping tests were conducted, resulting in 10 anti-doping rule violations.

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