måndag 8 september 2008

Paralympics 2008..."a totally clean event"!

IPC chief eyes clean Paralympics AFP Published:Sep 06, 2008

Beijing - International Paralympic chief Philip Craven said he was hoping for a "totally clean" event ahead of the opening of the 2008 Games.
Like the Olympics, past Paralympic Games have been blighted by drugs scandals and there will be a focus in Beijing on stamping out any cheating.

"There’s no point in my saying there hasn’t been a problem, but we have worked very hard over the last four years - both from a testing point of view and also from an education point of view - and we’re very hopeful for good results," IPC President Craven said.

In the 2004 Athens Paralympics, 680 doping tests were conducted, resulting in ten anti-doping rule violations - two out-of-competition and eight in-competition, according to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).
Powerlifting has been particularly hard-hit by doping scandals, including in Athens.
But Craven said "generally, our record has been very, very good," and he noted that the 2006 winter Games in Torino (Turin, Italy) were clean.

"I think that there are sports in the winter games that could lend themselves maybe to potentially certain doping issues and I think you’re all aware that in Torino we didn’t have one positive test for the Paralympic Winter Games, so I’m looking forward to a clean Games."

The 13th Paralympics, involving more than 4,000 athletes, run through September 17.

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