måndag 23 februari 2009

Om någon sett och hört Carolina Kluft debattera

... varför hon stödjer en Ren Idrott vet hur viktig detta är för henne. Det är en självklarhet! I förra veckan då jag talade med Carro nämnde hon bl.a hur WADA bör se över det whereabouts system som råder och förenkla processen. I dagens dopingdebatt finns det fler som uttrycker detta:

Hurdler Lolo Jones joins group against whereabouts doping rule
World indoor hurdles champion Lolo Jones joined the growing group of athletes upset with WADA's new anti-doping testing rules. Athletes have to give three months' advance notice of their availability for one hour every day for out-of-competition drug testing under the World Anti-Doping Agency's new rules, which went into effect on Jan. 1. The information is registered online and can be updated by e-mail or text message. "Maybe in the future they will find a tag they can put on us like dogs have. I'd rather wear a necklace that's a homing device," said Jones, who won the 60-metre hurdles Saturday at the Aviva Grand Prix. "Or I would like it if they used the new thing on Google where they can track you through your phone," the American added. "They can just track me like the police and get rid of all the paperwork. As long as I have my phone on me, they know where I am at all times." Jones also said that notifying authorities of her whereabouts is harder than she thought. "When we travel a lot of our flights are given to us at the last minute via our agents," Jones said. "A lot of the time we take earlier flights, which means we are not going to be at our house at the time."Top-ranked tennis stars Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams and FIFA have all criticized the current rules as overly invasive. IOC president Jacques Rogge has said that efficient out-of-competition testing is a cornerstone of anti-doping controls. Previously, the rules applied only five days a week and athletes had to be at the stated location for only a portion of that hour.The 27-nation European Union has raised questions about the compatibility of the whereabouts rule with its privacy legislation.

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